induction furnace

Induction Furnace

It is a power supply device that converts 50 Hz AC power into medium frequency (from 300 Hz to 1000 Hz). It converts three-phase AC power into DC power after rectification, and then converts DC power into adjustable medium frequency current to supply the medium frequency AC current flowing through the capacitor and induction coil, generating high-density magnetic lines in the induction coil and cutting the metal material contained in the induction coil, generating large eddy currents in the metal material.


Difference Electric Arc Furnace and Medium Frequency Furnace

Electric arc furnace is an electric furnace that uses the high temperature produced by electrode arc to melt ores and metals. When gas discharge forms an arc, the energy is very concentrated, and the temperature of the arc zone is above 3000 ℃ C. For metal smelting, electric arc furnaces have greater flexibility in the process compared to other types of furnaces in steel making, effectively removing impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus. The furnace temperature is easy to control, and the equipment occupies a small area, making them suitable for the melting of high-quality alloy steel.

Different volume size and steelmaking purity

  • Electric arc furnace: It is a large volume, usually weighing over 3 tons, and is only used by enterprises with a certain scale. The steel it produces is relatively pure.

  • Medium frequency furnace: Compared to electric arc furnaces, steelmaking has a lower cost and is suitable for use by small and medium-sized enterprises. The steel produced is high in impurities and carbon content, so the steel produced is impure.

The electricity used is different

  • The electric arc furnace China-type uses power frequency electricity.

  • The medium frequency electric furnace uses medium frequency electricity.

Differences in thermal efficiency and productivity

  • Electric arc furnaces have low thermal efficiency, low productivity, cumbersome operation, and high energy consumption.

  • The intermediate frequency furnace has high efficiency and thermal efficiency, thus achieving high production efficiency, flexible operation, and low energy consumption.

Heating method

  • The heating methods of the two are different, resulting in different temperatures and efficiency.


CHNZBTECH Induction Furnace Technology

CHNZBTECH Induction Furnace Technology

The VIP series inverter power supply produced by our company has huge advantages in energy conservation compared to traditional KGPS parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply. This furnace auxiliary equipment can save huge energy consumption in terms of power factor, filtering and smoothing method, and power distribution method.

Newly developed DFI intermediate frequency power supply combines the advantages of IGBT and SCR series inverter technology, making the equipment more energy-efficient and stable.

The new steel shell electric furnace body includes: open or closed furnace body, furnace frame, cyclone or annular dust removal cover, furnace cover, tilting furnace oil cylinder, induction ring, magnetic knob, furnace mouth and bottom pouring block. A complete set of stainless steel water inlet distributor, easy to maintain, with a simple and sturdy structure. The new type steel shell electric furnace body has advantages such as better material usage, more reasonable structure, and built-in dust removal cover and hydraulic furnace cover compared to the old type furnace body.