eaf roof

EAF Roof

In the past, the EAF (electric arc furnace) roof mostly used plate type fully water-cooled furnace covers, masonry furnace covers, or plate type semi water-cooled masonry furnace covers. These EAF roofs have a relatively short service life, with a high rate of arc leakage and overall collapse failure of the masonry furnace roof in the plate type water-cooled furnace cover. However, the leakage and collapse failure of the plate type semi water-cooled furnace cover is between the above two, but the masonry life cycle is short.

CHNZBTECH EAF roof can provide material from 20g, 20G to any GB/JB, DIN, ASTM standard material to achieve stable performance. From 5t EAF to 350t EAF engineering and production experience, material control, weld quality control, roof surface sanding, painting control, weld stress control to provide high quality equipments for different customers. 


EAF Roof Features

EAF Roof Features

The current use of tubular water-cooled furnace roofs has effectively overcome the shortcomings of traditional furnace covers. However, due to the process structure, during the normal EAF furnace smelting process, a large amount of steel slag containing conductive materials splashes and accumulates between the top of the furnace cover, the central small furnace cover, and the water-cooled cover plate. These steel slag accumulate to a certain thickness, and when the conductive materials in the slag can transmit large currents, they will break through the water-cooled EAF roof and cause water leakage faults, affected the normal production rhythm. 

Based on the existing production conditions of the 40t electric arc furnace steelmaking the water-cooled furnace cover, the structure of the water-cooled furnace cover has been changed from an integral type to a split type. The service life of the improved water-cooled EAF roof has been increased from multiple welding repairs less than 1000 heats to a single use of 4508 heats. After use, the (H) in the molten steel has been reduced by 26.7%, reducing production costs, improving the quality of the molten steel and smelting efficiency.


EAF Roof Descriptions

What are the structural components of the water-cooled furnace roof of EAF? The furnace roof of an electric arc furnace for sale generally adopts a tubular water-cooled and tightly arranged furnace cover structure. The EAF roof includes the roof body and the receiving hopper device. The main structural framework is made of seamless steel pipes into a circular shape, which serves not only as a requirement for the strength of structural components but also as a main inlet and outlet pipeline, connecting various cooling water pipes through the main inlet and outlet pipelines.

The rest are composed of slightly smaller sized tightly packed tubes. These furnace parts for sale are easy to replace and maintain, and their service lives are ≥ 3000 heats. The lower part of the receiving hopper adopts water-cooled material pipes. The inlet and outlet cooling pipes of the EAF roof cover are made of flange type stainless steel metal hoses (equipped with rotary adapters), while the other water cooling pipes are made of handle type stainless steel metal hoses. The central part of the furnace cover is a small ramming central EAF roof with three electrode holes, made of refractory pouring material.


Main Parts of EAF Roof Structure

EAF roof main structure including flexible hose & fasteners, elbow, water-cooled block(jacket) , water-cooled skeleton, and ramming center roof