esr furnace

ESR Electroslag Remelting Furnace

Electro-slag remelting of ESR furnace is a method of smelting by using resistance heat as a heat source when current passes through the slag. Obtain steel ingots with uniform and dense crystalline structures. After electroslag remelting process, the steel has low impurity content, few non-metallic inclusions, uniform and dense crystallization, uniform microstructure and chemical composition. A single electroslag furnace is used for smelting various special alloy steels. The capacity of the electroslag remelting furnace ranges from 0.5 to 15 tons of electroslag furnace, using a fixed crystallizer and a dual-column rotating electrode tube type. Like the LRF furnace, the entire set is designed reasonably, operates reliably, and has superior performance. Tool steels for milling cutters, mining, etc. 


Uses of ESR Furnace

ESR furnace can be used for:

  • Die steels, Ball-bearing steels, Steels for turbine and generator shafts, Superalloys for aerospace and power turbines, Nickel-base alloys for the chemical industry, Cold rolls, High nitrogen steels melting.

  • Equipment composition

  • According to the power matching situation:

1. Busbar system

2. The electrode lifting mechanism is a column lifting type, with two driving methods: motor drive and hydraulic drive. The electrode arm is a new type of gold water cooled conductive cross arm

3. Fixed crystallizer mechanism

4. Fixed structure of bottom wooden box and steel ingot

5. Cooling water and its monitoring and alarm system

6. Hydraulic station and control valve system

7. Electrical control system

The electrical control system adopts a new type of variable frequency speed regulation - motor type regulator or microcomputer control, and can be configured with CRT display. The control and interlocking protection of various parts of the equipment are controlled by PLC.


CHNZBTECH Electroslag Remelting Furnace Features

CHNZBTECH Electroslag Remelting Furnace Features
  • Homogeneous, sound and directionally solidified structure

  • High degree of cleanliness

  • Free of internal flaws (e. g. hydrogen flakes)

  • Free of macro-segregation

  • Smooth ingot surface resulting in a high ingot yield


ESR Electroslag Remelting Furnace Video

ESR Electroslag Remelting Furnace Video