slag pot

Slag Pot

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises produce a large amount of high-temperature liquid slag, and the vast majority of steel furnace manufacturers use slag bags (or slag pot and slag tanks) to load and process slag. Before the birth of welding slag ladle technology, users used casting slag ladle to treat furnace slag. After the birth of welding slag ladle, compared with casting slag ladle, the slag pot carrier embodies significant advantages such as stable quality, low maintenance rate, good weldability, and high cost-effectiveness.


CHNZBTECH Slag Pot Strength

CHNZBTECH Slag Pot Strength
  • Starting from the source, Huazhu Mold CAE simulation system is used to simulate and arrange the process, ensuring the quality of the slag tank.

  • When flipping sand molding, experienced engineers provide on-site guidance, strictly controlling the mesh size of refractory sand, the number of coating applications, the selection of parting surfaces, and the size of each area.

  • Blow argon on the molten steel to make its composition uniform, improve its quality, and strictly control the appropriate pouring temperature during pouring temperature to ensure the internal quality of the casting.

  • Using a German GS1000 direct reading spectral analyzer, samples are taken and analyzed in front of, in, and behind the furnace to ensure material quality good.

  • The use of natural gas heat treatment kiln ensures uniform temperature and ensures the internal quality of the slag tank. Service life is higher than 30% of peers.


Slag Pot Features

  • During the steelmaking process, the liquid slag will reach high temperature, and the special slag pot for steelmaking needs to have good high temperature resistance and be able to withstand long-term operation in a high temperature environment.

  • The slag liquid contains many solid particles, and these particles will cause wear on the inner wall of the slag pot. Therefore, the special slag pot for steelmaking needs to have high wear resistance and be able to resist the impact and wear of particles.

  • With good sealing performance, these industrial furnace spare parts can effectively prevent the leakage of slag liquid and avoid pollution and damage to the environment and equipment.

  • A large amount of metallurgical slag will be produced in the steelmaking process, and the special slag pot for steelmaking usually has a large capacity, which can meet the large collection and storage needs of slag liquid in the steelmaking process.

  • Equipped with slag outlet, slag discharge valve, slag shovel and other equipment, it can conveniently collect and process slag liquid.