VOD Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization
Metallurgical Furnace and Steel Making Auxiliary Equipment
CHNZBTECH, one of the professional steel furnace manufacturers in China, manufactures industrial Steel Making Furnaces that are advanced and high-performance steel furnace types designed specifically for the steel making industry. The steel furnace for sale is constructed using high-quality material and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient and reliable steel production.
EAF Electric Arc Furnace
State-of-the-art design and engineering technology, provide one stop solution for steel plant electric arc furnace with different capacity and feature meets clients need.
Secondary Refining Furnace
High end qualtfy, know-how R & D, match with preliminary melting furnace, refining molten steel in Ladle furnace, ESR, VD, VOD, AOD furmace, to different level for different purpose of use.
Submerged ARC Furnace
Up to 60MVA capacity for different ferroalloy, like metal silicon, ferrosilicon, low caron ferrochrome with high recovery low invest, extensive practice experience.
Furnace Auxiliary Equipment
CCM, roling mill fume treatment plant and other compulsory equipment for steel mill is available as well according to diferent cient needs provide customized equipment supply, from single equipment to turkey & EPC basis.
Furnace Auxiliary Spare Parts
Different steel making spare parts, high quality, stable periormance, eliminate clients dally use concermn. Along with scrap pre-heating system, water-cooled oxygen lance make steel making higher efficient.

Engineered by one of the leading steel furnace manufacturers, the steel melting furnace boasts advanced technology for efficient steel melting and forging processes. This electric steel melting furnace combines precision engineering with robust construction to ensure durability and reliability in heavy-duty industrial operations. Equipped with state-of-the-art controls and safety features, it offers precise temperature regulation and energy efficiency. Whether melting, refining, or shaping steel, these furnaces, from ladle refining furnace to silicon metal furnace, deliver consistent performance, meeting the demands of modern foundries and forging facilities. With its updated design and superior functionality, it stands as a cornerstone in the realm of steel melting forges.

Faster, Flexible, Energy-efficient Steel Foundry Furnace, Ensure Maximum Productivity
CHNZBTECH, one of the leading steel furnace manufacturers in China, provides services for EAF Electric Arc Furnace, Secondary Refining Furnace, Submerged ARC Furnaces, Meltshop Auxiliary Machines, and Furnace Auxiliary Spare Parts.
From Steel Making Furnaces to Furnace Auxiliary Equipment

CHNZBTECH is a technology-oriented enterprise providing complete steelmaking & ferroalloy equipment and different types of steel making furnaces used in metallurgy for domestic and overseas industries. Integrated design, manufacturing, erection, and commissions special for steel-making equipment like EAF, LF, VD VOD furnace, ESR, SAF, and CCM. Ferroalloy furnace, revamping and upgrading of existing plants, which is one of few recognized in the sector for its excellence and commitment to technological innovations.

  • Large capacity furnace steel plant facilities practical experience, EAF up to 350t, LF furnace up to 350t, VD/VOD up to 150t, state-of-the-art design, high operational availability, maintenance friendly and efficient and economical equipment enable our metallurgical furnace equipment company sold throughout the country, exported to Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh more than 40 countries.  

  • As the sophisticated supplier of LRF in steel plant, CHNZBTECH is taking the lead in entering the stage of 3D modeling and intelligent design in the industry. Applying 3D design software to realize static dynamic analysis and spatial simulation. Parametric analysis, engineering level & product quality is strongly guaranteed. People first, innovative developing, we are looking forward to working for you.

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