steel rolling machine

Steel Rolling Machine

Rolling mill is the equipment used to achieve the metal rolling process, which generally refers to the furnace auxiliary equipment used to complete the entire process of rolling material production.

The ordinary rolling mill mainly consists of Bar cooling bed and finishing equipment, wire pre-finishing and Finishing mill, equipment in heating furnace area, arc heat transfer, fly shear, high speed wire pre finishing rolling unit, housing mill, Slitting Production Line, and blooming mill.


Rolling Mill Types

Rolling mills can be divided into two rolls, four rolls, six rolls, eight rolls, twelve rolls, eighteen rolls, etc. according to the number of rolls; According to the arrangement of the rollers, they can be divided into "L" type, "T" type, "F" type, "Z" type, and "S" type.


CHNZBTECH Steel Rolling Machine Strength

  • Includes the racks and roller bed automatic devices in various structures and with various functions such as product shearing, transportation, collection and bundling etc. to satisfy various process layout requirements in finishing area.

  • Skirt-plated feeding cooling table is applied, skirt plate drive includes hydraulic mode and mechanical mode. Cooling table material feeding adopts steel delivery chain and steel moving trolley. Bed surface size is 8m to 12.5m in length and 60m to 120m in width.

  • Independently researched and developed top-cross 45° wire rolling mill which is the preferred machinery type for wire finishing mill in China and possesses outstanding technical advantages, reduces long shaft height, improves rolling stability, decreases equipment weight and is convenient for maintenance.

  • Researched and developed a series of new-type equipment which effectively improves the structure and function of equipment in furnace area, such as traversing table, elevator, material feeding device of elevator, cold billet charging table and hot billet feeding turnover table etc., with complete equipment configuration, which could satisfy the delivery demand of billet with section 220mm at most.

  • Independently researches and develops billet curved conveyor roller, takes the first place in realizing 12m continuous casting billet turning transportation in China and truly realizes the long-distance continuous automatic transportation of billet.

  • The flying shear for bar series researched and developed voluntarily has modern flying shear’s features and advancement.


Steel Rolling Machine Video

Steel Rolling Machine Video